Private Game-Server Hosting Company

We specialize in game-server hosting

Our Mission

MISSION: Our mission is to become the largest gaming community out there, know for their love and care torwards their players, something that most communities have simply forgot once they reached a certain size.

How do we do it

If you wish to host with us, you will have to agree to be acquired by Hosting4Stars LTD and become a part of TG:CM as a server of the community. You will have 1 year to realize your project, keeping all of your staff members and receiving a rank of Community Administrator within TG:CM. You will have to agree to giveup 50% of your revenue. A simple acquisition contract is signed online by the Director of Hosting4Stars LTD and the current server owner. We will also take care of the backend administration for you. If you require FTP access to your files, we'll provide it to you, so you can manage your files.

Games we host

Counter Strike 1.6

Up to 32 players


Up to 200 players


Up to 50 players

ECO Global Survival

Up to 20 players

Garry's Mod

Up to 64 players

Counter Strike Global Offensive

Up to 20 players


Who runs H4S


Pavel Nozharov

Director of Hosting4Stars LTD, 22, Sofia, Bulgaria


Dimitar Milkov

Deputy Director of Hosting4Stars LTD, 20, Asenovgrad, Bulgaria